Students, parents, and professionals in their own words...

“When I was in third grade, I started Dartmoor because I wasn’t reading at the level where I should have been. I went there for half a year, and they really helped me improve my reading. I am in the fourth grade, and now I am reading fifth grade books.”

- Dartmoor student

“There are not many places like this. It’s one of the few and one of the best. I’ve been to all types of schools—public, private, alternative, religious, non-religious—and this really is the best!”

- Dartmoor student

“I have always valued my education, but when I struggled with learning, I began to hate it and didn’t want to try. I dreaded going to school. At Dartmoor, I can fly through the subjects I am good at and take baby steps through the work I dread. I can learn at my own pace.”

- Dartmoor student

“Our daughter hated taking a foreign language and had done poorly at her high school. We enrolled her at Dartmoor to help her complete her language requirements. She not only excelled in her language class at Dartmoor, she went on to complete another year of language coursework so that she could study abroad her junior year. Dartmoor not only helped her excel, it also helped her gain a love of foreign languages and travel.”                                                                                                                 
- Parent of a part-time student

"My son was thrilled to have been at Dartmoor. He is so much more confident, and as a mom it makes me feel so grateful. He has a profound processing delay (language) and last year was brutal for him. Being able to have Spanish every day, for two hours, one on one was simply an ideal way for him to learn. Again, we are profoundly grateful. Thank you so much for being such an important part of his summer and overall school success."                                                                           

    - Parent of a part-time student

“The Dartmoor School has provided an excellent and creative alternative to the traditional format of both public and private schools that our child has attended. The staff has coordinated a supportive and challenging approach that ensures: The mastery of individually tailored coursework, the development of good study habits, and a stimulating environment for thinking. This resource has been of great assistance in the development of our child’s desire to make learning a lifetime endeavor. We thank you!"                
- Parent of a graduate
“I can’t say enough nice things about Dartmoor. Everyone from the staff to teachers has been absolutely wonderful. Dartmoor has given my son tools for success that I’m sure will prove useful to him when he applies to college next year. His instructor is absolutely great! She’s always there to give you that individual attention if any problems arise. I would recommend Dartmoor to anyone!"
- Parent of a supplemental student

 “I often refer my parents and students to Dartmoor School. They’ve always done a professional job of helping students with academic deficits catch up. They are the best place I know of for prescriptive learning.”

- Howard Sage, Ed.D., mental health counselor

“Dartmoor is an organization that has come to the rescue for some of our students on several occasions. We appreciate their professionalism, attention to detail, and follow through. We highly recommend Dartmoor!”

- Bob Dannenhold and Robyn Campbell, Collegeology