International Admissions

Dartmoor School has provided a personalized education to thousands of students. This expertise in one-to-one education means Dartmoor is ideally situated to welcome international students and help them make the significant academic and personal transition between their current school and an American independent school. 

Dartmoor welcomes applications from students wanting to: 

  • study at an accredited American independent school

  • earn a US high school diploma

  • study at an American university after graduation

  • improve their academic English proficiency

  • access individualized scheduling

  • transfer from another US school

  • remediate credits or retake classes

  • gain admission to another independent school

Suitable academic proficiency and engagement, cultural curiosity, adaptability, and the desire to study in a personalized educational setting comprise the holistic criteria for admission. Accepted students can decide to study at our Seattle, Bellevue, or Issaquah campus.

Dartmoor School has open, year-round enrollment and international students may start at any point during the calendar year. Interested families should contact Dartmoor School’s Office of Admissions at +1 (425) 885 - 6296 or to learn more about the school and to explore enrollment options and the application process.