High School

High School marks a key inflection point in life when questions of identity and purpose intensify for students and they explore with greater vigor their own futures. Dartmoor’s High School program invites students to engage their interests while mastering core academic skills, gaining subject-specific knowledge, and preparing for their post-secondary aspirations. Dartmoor believes very strongly in the importance of honoring the unique calling of students and, therefore, staff calibrate student programs and coursework accordingly. Some students attend Dartmoor with the immediate goal of earning a diploma from a fully accredited, OSPI and NCAA approved, NAIS affiliated school. Other students are preparing for the rigors of university study and attend Dartmoor with their eye on selective or highly selective higher education opportunities. Dartmoor has successfully helped students meet a broad variety of goals ranging from earning a GED to attending top-tier universities. Dartmoor alumni have graduated to study successfully in community colleges as well as some of the most prestigious universities in the world and they have pursued careers in diverse fields including nuclear physics, gastronomy, international relations, and comedy.