Our Instructors

Dartmoor Instructors combine content fluency, pedagogical acumen, and strong rapport with students to create a respectful, dynamic, and inviting learning environment. 


Bellevue Campus


Cherie Campbell            English/History/ESL

Cherie Campbell went to Trinity Western University in Canada, where she received a linguistics degree and a concentration in teaching English as a second language (TESOL). She taught English in Saudi Arabia and Japan. Cherie enjoys working for a school specializing in one-on-one instruction and has witnessed many students who were frustrated with the traditional school system excel in Dartmoor’s unique learning environment.


John Crofford Science/French/Math/english

John has a BS in Computer Science from Southern Nazarene University. He learned French while attending French schools in West Africa. John believes that a good education stimulates curiosity while building the confidence to seek truth and the skill to find it. In his free time, he enjoys strategy games and science fiction.

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MICH DOPIRO                 RUSSian/humanities

Mich Dopiro is a Brooklyn native planting roots in Seattle. They graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a B.A. in Digital Filmmaking and worked a bit in the show biz before settling down in Seattle. They've been teaching for years, though, and will always continue on that path. Mich currently teaches Russian at Dartmoor and loves to liven up the classroom with a cat meme or two. In their free time, they memorize Simpsons episodes.

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JOE Degraff               English/humanities

Mr. DeGraff holds a BA from Kalamazoo College in English / Creative Writing and a minor in Anthropology and Sociology. He has worked in education for four years across the United States and Spain, teaching English and ESL to adults and children. Joseph staunchly advocates for students to develop their voice in their writing and bring a critical eye to literature and media. He joined Dartmoor in August of 2019. When he isn’t teaching, reading, or traveling you can likely find him walking a riverbank with a fishing pole.


Gunnar Miller                  Math/Science/German

Mr. Miller learned Physics and Mathematics at the University of Idaho, obtaining a B.S. in both subjects in 2010. He briefly attended graduate school for Physics at the University of Cincinnati before moving to the Seattle. He first learned German by living in Germany as part of a high school foreign-exchange program, and has since honed these skills with occasional college coursework and large amounts of self-study. He's been teaching at Dartmoor since 2012.


Karl Reutter                        Math/Science

Karl graduated from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, with a B.A. in Mathematics and Music. Karl previously taught chess to various levels of students from elementary school to high school. Karl believes that private instruction is the best way for students to learn and grow. In his free time he enjoys running, playing guitar, and video games.


Jeritza Rodriguez      Spanish/Drawing/History    

Jeritza Rodriguez is from Puerto Rico. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Turabo University, Puerto Rico and has worked on her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. Jeritza joined Dartmoor in 2015 as a Spanish teacher after teaching  English, social studies, and science at elementary and middle schools in Puerto Rico and Bellevue. She's fully bilingual. Jeritza believes that a great teacher is one who inspires students to achieve their goals, to never give up, and to believe in themselves.

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ASHLEY SHULTZ                    Math/Science

Ashley Shultz went to Eastern Washington University where she obtained a BS in Biology and a BAE in secondary education. She is endorsed to teach Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, and much more! She has taught two years of high school science at Connell High School, and has now moved back to the Seattle area where she grew up. In her free time she enjoys exploring new places and going for walks.


Bothell Campus


Andres Fuentes     Math/Science/Spanish/History

Mr. Fuentes has BA in Social Studies from University of California Santa Cruz. He obtained a Bilingual Cross-cultural Language in Academic Development (BCLAD) K-8th Teaching Credential from California State University in Sacramento.  After spending 17 years working as a Middle school teacher in Southern California, he moved to Washington and started working with Dartmoor in December 2015.  He currently teaches Math, Science, Social Studies ,and Spanish.


Andrew CArpenter            Math/Science   

Andrew has a Bachelor's in Mathematics with a Minor in Physics from Pacific Lutheran University. Andrew joined Dartmoor in 2015 after working as an instructor for science and computer-based summer camps. Andrew teaches math and science at all levels. In his free time, he enjoys curling, baseball, and video games.


Ray munger                    English/History

Ray holds a BA in Humanities and a Master’s of Theology. While he has worked in variety of social services and educational settings, teaching has remained his greatest interest. Dartmoor has provided him with the opportunity to teach a number of subjects to a rich variety of students. He enjoys the challenge of tapping into each student’s unique style and interests. He lives in Seattle with his wife, a dog, and cat.


Daniel Brady



Issaquah Campus


Seth Borgo                        Math/Science

Seth earned a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Sacramento State University in 2007 and a Master's Degree in Economics from the University of Washington in 2009. He spent four years teaching economics at UW and three more years teaching the subject at UC Santa Barbara. Seth joined Dartmoor in 2015 and teaches math and science courses.





Wesley Keister                      English/History

Wes Keister has taught English and history at Dartmoor since 2015. Both subjects are fueled by his passion for studying how we interact and communicate with one another. He has a Master's degree in English and Rhetoric from Western Washington University. In his spare time, he enjoys comedy, podcasts, and continuing to learn about the world around him.


Erin Rausch Vanhouten  Math/Science

Erin Rausch VanHouten completed his B.S. in mathematics at the University of Alaska Southeast and is nearing completion of his Masters in mathematics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He joined the Dartmoor team in the summer of 2017. He also has extensive experience as a mathematics tutor and has worked as a para-educator. Erin enjoys having the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with students and being able to tailor the course to the student’s needs.


Seattle Campus


D. L. Stevens                      Math/Science

Mr. Stevens has a Bachelor's in General Science from Grinnell College (earned in 2007), concentrating in Mathematics. He has also studied physics in his time at Grinnell, as well as meteorology at the University of Kansas. D.L. joined Dartmoor in 2015, bringing with him five years of one-to-one tutoring experience with high-school and college students. In his professional and free time, he researches alternative methods in an effort to reach learners of all types.


June Hose                         English/History/ESL

June attended the University of Washington and earned a double BA in both English and Psychology. He also has his TEFL certification. He has taught in a number of contexts throughout the years, both here in the States and overseas. June believes that every student has their unique talents and insights--he enjoys trying to draw them out.