Our Philosophy


“The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.”

Dartmoor’s philosophy is simple: respect the student. We believe that every student can learn, and that each student learns differently. The school’s welcoming atmosphere, its personalized educational programs, and the staff’s nurturing disposition result from these principles. Dartmoor demonstrates its commitment to student respect by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Instruction should take place at a student’s instructional level
  • Instruction should accommodate a student’s learning style
  • Students should feel safe and respected
  • Staff should encourage students to be responsible
  • Staff should teach students to think globally and champion diversity
  • Staff should demonstrate sincere concern for students
  • Staff should nurture every student’s self-concept and potential
  • Staff should always model and foster ethical behavior

Frequently Asked Questions

WhY DO STudents attend Dartmoor?

Students attend Dartmoor in order to:

  • Master specific skills
  • Remediate credits / replace courses
  • Access an individualized education
  • Have flexible scheduling

What if My Child is Behind?

Many students fall behind and need individualized help. Students can enroll in a Student Support class for a couple of hours per week or enroll full-time to address more significant concerns. The nature of the enrollment depends on the student’s needs.

My Child is Bored/Frustrated; Can ONE-TO-ONE help?

For a variety of reasons, some children lose their innate curiosity and enthusiasm for knowledge during the educational process. Dartmoor's individualized learning format restores the joy of learning to these individuals by teaching them at instructional level and offering them more freedom to explore their interests.

What courses do you provide?

Dartmoor provides a full catalog of high school and middle school courses for students who need to earn credit.

Do you have a FLEXIBLE Schedule? 

Dartmoor has enrolled athletes, performers, and many other individuals who require flexibility in their school schedules. Most campuses schedule classes between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM. Talk to the manager of the campus you're interested in for more information.