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A System of Schools

Dartmoor believes students benefit from access to a system of schools, and it provides an alternative setting within this system. For example, Dartmoor is a Non-Public Agency and contracts with school districts to provide educational services. Dartmoor enjoys collaborating with local, national, and international schools in the education of its students.




Collaborative Services

Many of Dartmoor’s students dual-enroll; therefore, clear and open communication between schools is imperative. With the family’s permission, Dartmoor contacts the other school and discusses the student’s academic history and enrollment. Collaborative services include:

  • Sharing academic records and pertinent history
  • Discussing and verifying course selection
  • Corresponding (as needed)
  • Sending progress and exit reports (if requested by family)
  • Suggesting instructional strategies, accommodations, and modifications
  • Making recommendations for further study
  • Furnishing a transcript for credit courses

Student Services

Dartmoor can support a student’s success in another school by providing credit or supplemental coursework. Student services include:

  • Offering student support, study skills, test preparation, or skill development classes
  • Providing credit remediation or grade replacement
  • Offering ESL coursework (supplemental or credit)
  • Providing transitional services for transferring students
  • Preparing students for specific grades or classes during our summer session
  • Coordinating high school completion (based on Dartmoor’s or the home school’s requirements)