Dartmoor accepts new students throughout the year.

Admissions Overview

Welcome to Dartmoor School! Since 1990, Dartmoor has designed personalized 1:1 education for a richly diverse student body. Dartmoor is deeply rooted in the Puget Sound through its relations with current and alumni students and their families, professionals, educators, and local schools and organizations. Staff invite collaboration in order to ensure our students flourish. The school’s founder, Dori Bower, often spoke of Dartmoor as part of a “network of schools” and “nexus of support” (including families, schools, and professionals) cooperating toward the same goal: student success.

Student Population

At Dartmoor, we serve an amazing variety of students who all benefit from a personalized 1:1 education:

• Neurodiverse

• Those needing additional support

• Gifted, talented, and twice exceptional

• Athletes, performers, and artists

• Students with medical needs

• International students

Student Programs

• Full-time and part-time programs for Grades 1 – 12

• Dual enrollment at another private or public school

• Credit coursework (including credit remediation)

• Student support, study skills, test preparation

• Flexible scheduling, year round enrollment

Dartmoor encourages students and parents to explore unique, customized options. To stimulate conversation, here are some questions to consider:

What sort of school experience would you like for your child? Would you like Dartmoor to offer a complete course of study Grades 1 - 12? Would you like Dartmoor to provide core coursework (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) or instruction in certain subjects, while your child participates in electives, athletics, and other social activities at another private or public school? Would you like Dartmoor to provide academic support for another school or homeschool experience? Would you like to explore a specific, individual course of study? Would you like a transitional academic program to help prepare your child to thrive in another private or public school? Would you like your child to attend Dartmoor and participate in Running Start? Would you like your child to retake courses to improve grades or earn credits? Would you like a rigorous individualized Honors program? Something more traditional or more progressive? Do you have something else creative in mind?

Whatever your essential questions are, Dartmoor can help you and your family explore the possibilities.

Please contact Admissions at (425) 885 - 6296 or admissions@dartmoorschool.org for more information or to arrange a school visit.