Our Family

Dartmoor School employs a phenomenal group of individuals who understand the unique setting of personalized education. Our educators have experience in working with students who have unique and often highly complex profiles, including ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), behavioral or psychological issues, and other co-occurring learning challenges. Educational staff hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in their area of expertise, and, regardless of their roles, combine enthusiasm for learning with dedication to the individual needs of our diverse population of students.


Andrew Wahl - President

Mr. Wahl is responsible for the non-educational business management of Dartmoor. Andrew served in the Marine Corps before attending college, developing strong leadership and management skills. He graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Criminal Justice and joined Dartmoor in 1993. Andrew has greatly contributed to improving Dartmoor: He has taught, managed campuses, supervised human resources, overseen corporate finance, maintained IT, and directed marketing and sales.


Kimm Conroy - Head of School

Ms. Conroy provides administrative services and oversees all academics at Dartmoor to ensure the delivery of consistently superior educational services for its students. Kimm has an Ed.S. in Educational Administration from Seattle University and a Master’s in Education from Antioch University. She has been a dedicated educator for over fifteen years. Kimm is guided by the belief that all students can meet their full learning potential when provided a nurturing and compassionate atmosphere that serves the unique learning profile of each student. She is committed to fostering a strong learning community among Dartmoor students and staff.


Deborah Beggs - Special Ed. Coordinator

Ms. Beggs has a Bachelor’s in Child Development from California State University, LA and a Master’s in Special Education from California State University, San Bernardino. She also has her Teacher Certification with endorsements in Elementary Education and Special Education, Pre-K – Adult. Deborah joined Dartmoor in 2015 after teaching special education in public schools for 20 years. Deborah firmly believes that all children can achieve academic success when given the proper supports and motivation.

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Jeff LaPointe - Issaquah Campus Manager

Mr. LaPointe has a Bachelor’s in secondary education (grades 7-12) from the University of Toledo (OH), as well as a degree in integrated social studies from the same University. Jeff joined Dartmoor in 2006 and immediately felt in sync with its model and teaching methods. Jeff believes that children thrive when they are respected, inspired, and heard.


Josh Koczman - Bothell Campus Manager

Joshua has a Bachelor's in Philosophy and English from Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, MI. He has presented at regional and international philosophy conferences and  published poems and short stories. Joshua was an assistant teacher for four years with the Rutgers University Cooperative Extension in Monmouth County. He joined Dartmoor in 2017.


Trevan Hauck - Bellevue Campus Manager

Trevan has a degree in Political Science and is TESOL certified. He spent the first six years of his professional career as the Program Coordinator for the Special District of International Education for the city of Cheonan in South Korea. Trevan joined Dartmoor in 2016 as an instructor and became a Campus Manager in 2017. He believes strongly in the one-to-one system as a vehicle for giving students more choice in how and what they learn.


Duane Bishop - Seattle Campus Manager

Mr. Bishop graduated from Roanoke College, Virginia, with a Bachelor's in Art History. After working as a public school substitute teacher for four years, Duane moved to Seattle and began teaching at Dartmoor Bellevue. Duane primarily teaches Humanities, but greatly enjoys the opportunity to teach French. He currently manages the Seattle campus of Dartmoor, but still teaches guitar, bass, and piano at a local music store. Mr. Bishop has the following education philosophy: Our responsibility to all of our students is to set them up for academic success, through support, patience, and motivation.