The Model

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A different kind of school: 1:1 Personalized education

Dartmoor School operates year-round, on an open enrollment basis, for grades K-12.

All of our classes are one-to-one. Dartmoor offers the following personalized, flexible programs:

  • Credit courses

  • Supplemental courses (student support, study skills, test preparation, etc.)

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Non-Public Agency services (NPA)

Dartmoor specializes in both offering popular courses and creating a curriculum package to meet each student's needs.

In addition, Dartmoor School runs summer classes, including preparation for middle school, high school, college, the upcoming school year, and standardized tests (SAT, ACT, etc.).

Dartmoor works with public and private schools in Washington to design dual enrollment options.

Please click here for Dartmoor’s accreditation, approval, and affiliation information.


Dartmoor’s flexible programs allow staff to implement multiple strategies, accommodations, and modifications in order to refine instruction. Instructors deliver content at the student's level, and just beyond, making material both accessible and appropriately challenging. 

Furthermore, Dartmoor programs can be expanded to incorporate study skills such as time management, organization, project planning, test-taking strategies, etc.

Our school also has flexible scheduling options that accommodate vacations and those participating in intensive extracurricular activities, such as athletes and performers.